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    Our hair salon has a variety of services that cater to every facet of your self-care needs. From exceptional work from a make-up artist to vibrant hair designs from a hair colorist, we can help you revitalize your look.
    Each of our services caters to the happiness of our clients. All of our hair treatments and haircuts ensure our customers leave our salon with a renewed sense of confidence in their appearance.
    Based in Beverly Hills, Texas, Salón Hola Bonita by Gabby never fails to meet client expectations with extensive services and excellent customer care. We have over ten years of experience with exceptional and affordable hair and body services.

Our Services

Hair treatments
Hair Treatments

As a hair and beauty salon, we have every offering to reinvent yourself with a new, dazzling hair treatments. From hair highlighting and straightening to hair color correction, our stylists can recreate the hairdo of your dreams.

Hair cuts
Women's Haircuts

We offer professional women's haircuts, working with all hair types and styles. No matter what kind of haircuts or hair styling you require, we are happy to accommodate the diverse preferences of our clients. While we specialize in womne's cuts, we work with men and children's hair as well.

Waxing hair
Waxing Hair Removal Service

Alongside styling and haircuts, we also provide waxing hair removal service to keep you well-maintained and beautiful. Our hair salon can expertly and discreetly help wax body hair to restore your confidence.

Lash extension
Lash Extension Services

Salón Hola Bonita by Gabby not only assists with hair styling and waxing, we also provide clients in Beverly Hills, TX with professional lash extension services. We have fabulous lashes to accentuate your best features for any special occasion.


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